Feetrac started out as a mere fantasy, a marriage between the idea of experiencing the pure freedom felt when skiing and the ability to feel this joy even where there was no snow. Coupled with the vast green space all around us and the evolving realisation that exercise is vital, it became apparent that there was a real market for Feetrac. Working in a small team with a shared vision, we brought the skis to market. Following sales and feedback, we decided that this product had so much more potential. So, after a testing development period, we are proud to bring these ‘skis’ to you and hope that they will help you to live out your fantasies like they did ours. It has been a great pleasure working on Feetrac, we have met many amazing people and have enjoyed the process of improving what we believe to be a great product. We hope to continue to see through our vision and hope that you will join us on this journey.

In a world where everyone is retreating in toward their digital devices, venture out and slide wherever your feet take you!

Looking to a healthier and more joyous future,

Team Feetrac